If you wish to have your name added to our list of book reviewers, please send your information to:

Eric Morago
GENDRES: Poetry, short stories, and graphic novels
FEE: No fee necessary, but wouldn't turn down one
Qualifications: MFA in Creative Writing from Cal State University, Long Beach & Associate Reviewer for

Yale Strom
GENDRES: History, music, biogtraphies, Eastern European culture, Jewish and Roma/Gypsy
SUBJECT MATTER: Film, photography.
FEE: $75.00 per review
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a published writer. Have written 12 books and working on number 13. Have reviewed books at the SD Unionb-Trib along with many Jewish newspapers, magaznes, etc.

John Mann
GENDRES: Any, fiction or fact, but have specialized in biographies and histories of the first half of the 20th Century.
FEE: As my fees are ordinatelyhigh, I'll accept whatever you deem reasonable.
QUALIFIATIONS: Have fed, clothed, and educated a family by writing, editing, and teaching writing and editing at the university level. But mostly by writinhg for a half century. Also produced radio shows on etmology with the editor-in-chief of the Akerican Heritage Ditionary.

Veronica R. Papa
GENDRES: Only non-fiction ie historical, biographies, how to, textbooks.
FEES: Hopefully, I get the book for free.
QUALIFICATIONS: I am currently researching WW II books to write about WW II in Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines. Hence, I have been reading a lot of books these days to get to know more about the first 50 years of the 20th century. I used to be an active real estate broker before the collapse of the industry. I also have an MBA from the Philippines and I have written my theses for my MBA and certificate in Development Economics currently archived in the schools where I have taken these courses. The are Ateneo de Manila University and School of Economics, Univeristy of the Philippines, respectively.

Keith Taylor
GENDRES: Mostly nonfiction.
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a secular humanist. I was either president or program chair for the only science based skeptics group in San diego. I have reviewed a biography of Machine Gun Kelly; a fictional account of a woman who sued Brigham Young for divorce and ended up being the leading voice to end polygamy. I reviewed book by a man who was one of the first member of the army Special Forces group. Another was a review of a book which insisted the Israeli attack on USS Liberty was an accident, not a deliberate attack a was claimed by many of the veterans of the attack. I've been published about 400 times ranging from the Washington Post, L. A Times, our own Union Trib, several humanist and scientific magazines. Twenty-five of my pieces were book reviews.
FEE: I seldom charge a fee unless it's by a newspaper or magazine. I do want a signed copy of the book, and no complaining. Keith Taylor

Aries Hines
GENDRES: poetry(with specific multicultural/political themes/performance/lgbt), all fiction/memoir especially lgbt.
FEE: $20 per hour

Debbie L. Stillings
GENDRES: I will read mostly anything.  Would love anything related to ethnic literature, science fiction, poetry and children's books.
FEE: No fee.
QUALIFICATIONS: I am currently an older returning student at UC Berkeley.  Previously a legal assistant in the San Diego and Los Angeles area.  I have children and am a veteran.  I have a lot of connections in the Berkeley area including professors and a few minor publishers and authors. I can also read Spanish as well.  When I finish with school (Fall of 2012).  I will be returning to get my PhD in the San Diego area.  I am a writer and poet.

Lois Wells Santalo
EMAIL: Lois Santalo <
GENDRES: I like mainline novels, and murder mysteries and romances except paranormal. No twilight stuff or werewolves. No fantasy. Detective stories, police procedurals are okay.
I like non-fiction on scientific subjects, or religion and science, psychiatry, health if it isn't focused on diets. I never needed to diet. No cookbooks, as I don't cook any more. I'm a history buff, a geology buff, also archeology, etc. I spend my TV time on shows like the Universe, or How the Earth Was Made.
QUALIFICATIONS: I write regular monthly reviews for Midwest Book Review. I'm the author of five novels and two YA books. I don't charge for reviews but I only read books I like. If I'm bored after thirty pages, I quit.

Gretchen Wendel
GENDRES: children's picture books
FEE: none
QUALIFICATION: Gretchen Schomer Wendel graduated from Michigan State University, went on to be a television reporter and writer on an award winning show in San Francisco and has now written numerous children's books. Gretchen resides in San Diego with her husband and three children. She will read the books to her children.
FYI: I will never pan or give a poor review of a book. Some reviews may be better then others but I don't believe in knocking authors.