Bumps Along The Way

Written by Linda Loegel

Book Review by Dennis Moore

Linda Loegel, a San Diego East County resident, and President of the Alpine Writer's Guild, has written a charming book about two senior citizens driving together across the country, Bumps Along The Way. This husband and wife team would gain a greater understanding and appreciation of each other, and this vast and beautiful country that we live in, as a result of their trek.

In their travel across the country, and the way the author describes such places as Jackson, Wyoming; "gateway to Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone National Park," she could very well serve as a travel guide or be a columnist for Road Atlas.

She states in her book: "After an indulgent breakfast of a chocolate croissant, eggs and hash browns, we continued through snow and rain to the Grand Tetons. Entering Grand Teton Park, a wild grizzly bear ambled across the road right in front of us. It was awesome! Then, looking to our left, we saw the beautiful, majestic, snow-covered Grand Tetons."

Loegel uses such picturesque language to describe places along the way, such as for Tombstone, Arizona, Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, and Fort Ticonderoga in New York. She makes you feel as if you are right there with her, or wish you were. The numerous pictures taken along their way, only adds to the feel.

I actually envy the author for what she and her husband managed to do, leisurely travel across this beautiful country of ours, as I have long wanted to do. Sure, I have taken in some of the same sights, such as Niagara Falls and the largest Cross in the western hemisphere, in Groom, Texas, but not in the leisurely way that Loegel describes it in her book. Her book, "Bumps Along The Way," is written in a way that vicariously carries the reader along. The book is written like a travel guide, but with such a warm and earthy human appeal. Sometimes in a self-deprecating way, the author points out and embraces her and her husband's human frailties, that we all have in our advancing years, along their journey across this country.

There are many poetic images and passages throughout "Bumps Along The Way," although probably not intended. That is the beauty of Loegel's writing, telling a story that comes out as a masterpiece!

Her book can be summed up in one passage, in describing Bryce National Park: "Bryce was one huge, red, magic garden." She further stated: "We saw more beauty in God's handiwork in just a few days than we had ever seen in our lives. It was as if He had tipped His heavenly paint palette and just let the colors run wild all over the area, then left it there for us to see."

The picture of the author and her husband behind the cutouts of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, are precious!

This book is for people who like to travel, who are old enough to remember back when, and for people who believe that God watches out for us no matter what dumb thing we humans may do, as stated by the author. "Bumps Along The Way" is a book that I highly recommend.

Dennis Moore is the book review editor for SDWriteway, and a member of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. He has written for LifeAfter50 Magazine in Pasadena, California, and the Baja Times Newspaper in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Mr. Moore can be contacted at