Through The Eyes Of God

By Sheila L. Jackson

Book Review: By Dennis Moore

Sheila Jackson, an anointed speaker, teacher, and writer who utilizes her gifts to meet the needs of others, and the author of "The Enemy Within," and other inspirational articles, has written an awe-inspiring book, Through The Eyes Of God.

Whether you are a practicing Christian, as Ms. Jackson and myself are, her book will give you hope and encouragement to get through the rigors of life. It deals with issues and battles we face within ourselves every day, issues and battles of self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness and self-hatred. I am sure we have all gone down that path.

Through The Eyes of God builds on a foundation of faith, and teaches us to love and appreciate ourselves as God had intended.

This wife and mother of two daughters, that lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, practices in life what she preaches in her book. She states in her book that there is always room for improvement in our lives, with our physical, spiritual and emotional makeup, but to continue to hold our heads up if it might seem that we might not measure up in a particular area. The key, according to "Through The Eyes of God," is that we recognize that God has made each of us a unique, one-of-a-kind diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished, if need be.

Jackson speaks of the pressures of society put upon us from an early age to conform or transform to particular standards of beauty and/or behavior, sometimes influenced by Hollywood images, but she encourages us to resist it and seek our inner beauty. It goes back to what God intended us to be, according to "Through The Eyes of God."

Jackson speaks of "Conquering Your Fears," getting the right perspective, by stating: "If you do not conquer your fears, steps in your life's journey will be delayed." That could very well be the fear of failure or success. Jackson further states: "Compaining is another action that keeps us from conquering our fears. We complain to the point that we never see the good that God is doing and has done in our lives. In addition to grumbling with our words, we can also have a complaining attitude that can prove to be self-destructive." I have found myself falling into that trap! To followup on that, Pastor Joel Osteen teaches us to have an attitude of gratitude, by stating: "Your words can pollute or purify. If you constantly complain, you release poison into your life. Complaining is not based on your circumstances; it's based on the attitude of your heart. If you keep the right attitude during your time of adversity, God will honor you."

The author sums up her book, and puts it and her life in perspective, by stating; "Free To Be Me: Happiness is a state of mind and should not come from the approval of others. Instead, happiness should stem from how you feel about yourself. The freedom to be who you are is liberating. Love the skin you are in. Love just being plain old you, not a celebrity that tries to categorize you into their definition of beauty. Being free consists of having no restrictions due to race, weight, or physical features. We should care more about people seeing the inward person, rather than what is on the outside." Certainly, words to live by, from a book and author that I highly recommend.

Dennis Moore is the book review editor of SDWriteway, and a writer and book reviewer for the East County Magazine in San Diego. He has written for LifeAfter50 Magazine in Pasadena, California, and the Baja Times Newspaper in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. He is also the President of Bethel A.M.E. Prison Ministry in San Diego, California. Mr. Moore can be contacted at