Mama's Shoe

Written by Anat Tour

Reviewed by Dennis Moore

Multi-talented author Anat Tour has written a captivating children's book, Mama's Shoe, that I suspect will be on every parent's shopping list. The story, based on Tour's experiences with her own son, is one rich with the joy of being a parent and observing the innocence and growth of a child. Told in a playful manner by Tour, a native of Canada, it is sure to warm the hearts of parents, as they read the book to their young children.

The author, a high school math teacher in San Diego, who modeled internationally for a few years, and the lead singer in a local San Diego band called "Possession," has a passion for writing and illustrating children's books. She has also just completed writing and singing 12 children's songs. Additionally, the author also has a multimedia children's project, "The Rainbow Animals" book.

Mama's Shoe is a colorful and fun picture book, a story about a very energetic, adorable, two year old boy trying to help his mother find her shoe. Excited to find her shoe, he searches everywhere, leaving a mess wherever he looks. "Mama's Shoe" captures the true spirit of a toddler, told through the adoring eyes of a mother.

Playfully, the author asks in "Mama's Shoe," Ethan, where's Mama's shoe? It's not under the bed; It's not in the drawer; It's not in the toy chest; It's not in the cupboard; Lo, and behold, as Ethan laughs, Mama's shoe is found by Bambee, the family dog! This book is sure to warm the hearts of parents and children alike, a book that I highly recommend.

Dennis Moore is a member of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild, and the book review editor of SDWriteway. He is also a writer and book reviewer with East County Magazine and has been a freelance contributor to the San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper. Mr. Moore can be contacted at