Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman

written by Hermina Krista Pettiford

Book Review by Dennis Moore

Hermina Krista Pettiford, the women's ministry leader in her local Church - New Covenant Tabernacle located in San Diego, and mother of four, has penned the first of what I feel will be many more books on spirituality and the human condition; "Surrendered Balance: Daily Living for the Modern Christian Woman." Although purportedly a guide for the Modern Christian Woman, while reading this empowering and uplifting book, there are nuggets of direction and hope for us all, men as well as women.

The author states that it is her desire to see women and families strengthened through God's Word and their relationship with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. She has written out of her own life experiences, and her gift and Love of writing to and for the Lord. Her professed belief is that the Spirit of God and the Word of God work together to create dynamic power for living the Christian life, thus, she ministers with a solid Biblical message together with the leading of the Holy Spirit. It certainly helped that she received a B.A. in Biblical Studies.

In her personable style, Pettiford gives practical solutions and applicable tools for women to make a life of "Surrendered Balance" no longer just a dream but a reality. She fervently believes that you will learn to walk in a surrender that brings balance and peace in the midst of the "busyness" of modern life, by applying her time-tested disciplines and principles from her own life.

Being the atypical single parent of four children, the author finds herself juggling her duties and responsibilities as the IT Network Manager for the Sycuan Tribal Government, and writing a devotional style blog once a week, in between work projects and her children's sports events. Thus, the basis of Surrendered Balance.

In "Surrendered Balance," Pettiford relates to the modern Christian woman, sharing fresh ideas and insights on how to balance the responsibilities of modern life while maintaining an intimate relationship with God by using your time wisely and setting achievable goals.

Pettiford, in balancing her responsibilities of modern life while maintaining an intimate relationship with God, is a member of "In the Pinc," an organization of professional business women, which has the goal of advancing opportunities and professional development and networking for women.

The author takes simple and abstract words such as patience, and gives it spiritual life and meaning in her book. In her prayers she asks the Lord for patience, but states in "Surrendered Balance" that what she is asking for is endurance, or to undergo a hardship, without giving in, and to regard it with acceptance or tolerance. She further defines this as "longsuffering," believing that in time she will get through whatever obstacles or difficulties are placed before her. Of course, as she explains it, it takes faith and spiritual discipline.

"Surrendered Balance" is a guide, a tool to balance the rigors of everyday life, through Biblical teachings and instructions. Pettiford helps the process through planners and weekly words of wisdom. One such example that she uses in her book is; "Daily Living: Putting Your Plan Into Action." This is where she further expounds on patience, stating: "Sometimes we can believe in the Lord and obey him in a matter, but our attitude and our posture of waiting is not that of a person with patience. We are not only to endure, but also to be patient while enduring. It's not only our waiting and believing for something that counts. To do so is only one aspect of patience. It's our attitude in our daily lives that is regarded as being patient before God."

After reading Pettiford's book, I find myself striving for Surrendered Balance in my own personal and spiritual life. The book is definitely food for thought, and a spiritual and moral compass that I highly recommend.

* * * *

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