a legend in his own mind

* Born to a Mennonite family in 1940 and was raised in a small town in Kansas. After attending a business college, I joined the Army in 1959. I was first assigned to Korea, Fort Riley, and then the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

* While assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency I was stationed in Moscow in 1967-8. There I got my start in writing as the part time editor of TWIM, (This Week in Moscow), the only free press in the USSR. I also sent articles to my home town newspaper. After leaving the Army, I testified against the Army to the US Senate about the Army keeping a list in the embassy listing everyone on the left who they thought might be a security risk.

* After leaving the Army in 1970 and during the 70s I became a typesetter and tabloid publisher. In addition to typesetting tabloids for clients, I also published a number myself to include a community paper, The Santa Ana Journal, The Southern California Military Review, El Hispano, and the Orange County Legionnaire. 

* Published FOCUS, Orange County's first Gay newspaper. Founded and was the first director of the Orange County Gay Community Center, later changed to the LGBTA Center. Marched in the first Gay Pride parade in Los Angeles. I published Frontera Gay, Tijuana's only gay tabloid during the AIDS crises in the '80s to educate gay Mexicans about safe sex. I also took unused medications from Americans who died from AIDS and out of date drugs from the VA Hospital given to me unofficially by a caring pharmacist.

* In 1980, sold my business and moved to San Diego to start a data entry business in Tijuana.

* Published the Border Business Journal and wrote a guide book, Having Fun In Tijuana.

* Found that adult guide books sold better and so wrote Red Lights of Baja, Sin Diego, and Lust Angeles.

* Was the president of the San Diego Humanist Fellowship and The Priest, the Pastor and the Rabbi, a collection of religious humor. Also wrote, The Bible Naked, the greatest fraud ever told, where I “rewrote” the Bible leaving out the boring parts and empathizing the parts that the priest and pastors never tell you about.

* I formatted and/or published over 50 books for clients.

* Joined the San Diego Editors/Writers Guild and eventually became a two-term president and webmaster for their website.

* In 2008, founded the on-line webzine, the San Diego Write Way. (

* In 2013, moved to Tijuana and started the San Diego Local Authors Bookstore at

* I now live in Tijuana across the border from San Diego where I continue to write and publish my webzines. Am moving soon to Zipolite in southern Mexico.